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Testing and Commissioning

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Testing and Commissioning

At the early stage of project initiation and planning process, quality planning and performance have high priority and importance as one of MAHAM’s policies for quality assurance and control within the process stage up to reach pre-commissioning or commissioning without any lack in the required product or work results. Our project management team controls and follows up on the performance, planning, coordinating, delivery, verification, managing risks, and maintaining quality that achieves extended systems life and reduced operation and maintenance costs.


Our dedicated civil engineering team focuses on ensuring the structural integrity of your project. From meticulous planning to execution, we prioritize safety and compliance with industry standards. Our expertise encompasses site preparation, foundation inspection, and structural analysis, providing a solid foundation for the success of your venture.


Our mechanical sub-service is dedicated to fine-tuning and validating mechanical components for optimal performance. From intricate machinery to HVAC systems, we conduct thorough testing and commissioning, addressing any potential issues and optimizing the functionality of mechanical elements. This meticulous process ensures longevity and efficiency in your project’s mechanical systems.


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