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At MAHAM, we understand that the closure and delivery of a project may include training, maintenance, and after-sale services as per the nature of the delivered facility, plant, equipment, or system. We manage post-delivery or after-sales policy to keep the customer in contact and to keep a product in good operating condition with open contact for any potential required support. We can deal with already installed plants, equipment, or systems by applying specific procedures in coordination with our partners to implement routine maintenance, repair, and replacement of existing facilities, structures, or systems. Our maintenance services are usually preceded by an on-site assessment and survey to evaluate the feasibility and requirements availability with the application of modern management and control mechanisms and tools.

Predictive Maintenance

At MAHAM, we utilize advanced predictive maintenance techniques to foresee potential issues before they escalate. By analyzing data from equipment sensors and operational logs, we can identify patterns that indicate future failures. This proactive approach helps in reducing downtime and extending the life of your equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

MAHAM offers preventive maintenance services designed to ensure the ongoing reliability and efficiency of your equipment. By scheduling regular inspections and servicing, we help prevent unexpected failures and maintain optimal performance. Our team follows industry best practices to identify and address potential issues before they impact operations, ensuring your systems run smoothly and efficiently.